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About Us

Earl Jones

Earl Jones is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who has performed for NATO, national TV, and from the magic circle of The Grand Ole Opry where Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Elvis, and other greats performed.  He has played rock, country, bluegrass, blues, and jazz professionally.  He has worked every aspect of professional music: clubs, concerts, churches, recording sessions, radio, TV, and written commercial jingles.  By his own admission, Earl has been a mercenary musician, a hired gun.  This kind of training gave him the foundation to start what would become one of the most successful private music schools in the country.

In 1975, Earl started teaching guitar with four students which grew to twenty within a month, twenty more the next month, and so forth until he was teaching 150 students per week with a waiting list.  He realized the need to train teachers to handle the student load and subsequently started a teacher training program that included not only all of the musical knowledge and skills but communication skills, people skills, and patented techniques and methods.   His teaching method consistently turned out top level musicians who have performed in every venue from MTV to The Grand Ole Opry.  The number one requirement for instructors at Earl Jones Music School is a love of music, a passion for teaching, and compassion for people of all ages.

John Jones

John Jones is also a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and award winning song writer.  He is the top instructor at Earl Jones Music School with an impressive record of success.  He has also performed for NATO, national TV, and The Texas Troubadour Theater in Nashville, Tennessee.  John is the host of a popular FM Radio Show called Music Monday that features students and other artists weekly.  He is the talent coordinator and concert director for Earl Jones Music and Media Group but he has also carved out his own niche in music and business with recording, songwriting, radio, and TV productions, concert promotions, etc.   To John, his most important contributions are the multitude of musicians he has mentored musically and spiritually.

Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones, youngest of the Jones' sons, is also a great musician, songwriter, and instructor at Earl Jones Music School.  Tyler is also the manager of social media, TV partners/sponsors as well as real estate investments.  He is a great communicator with an innovative mind and enterprise of his own.  Raised in a family and culture or music and entrepreneurship, Tyler is also a sought-after consultant and coach.

Alison Ennett 

Alison Ennett is the former Miss Swansboro, Miss Holly Ridge, and Miss Onslow County.  A singer, multi-instrumentalist, and instructor at Earl Jones Music School, Alison is also pageant consultant, teaching the subtle nuances of stage presence, performance, and career enhancement.

These are just a few of the great instructors at Earl Jones Music School.  Earl Jones Music School is the only school in the area and one of only a few that has CPMs (Certified Professional Musicians).